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Author / Izzy Galvez

More and More

When I’m with you my heart sings a love song. And I miss you though it hasn’t been long. I get excited when I get a text or call. You just have a way of making me fall More and more in love. More and more in love with you. Every time you’re close to […]

A Smile

You always seem to find a way To brighten up my day. You don’t even have to try hard. It’s just the way you are. Sitting here in my room, Thinking about all I’ve been through. Wondering if you feel the same, Because I just want to say: If It wasn’t for you, I don’t […]

Like This

Have you ever felt like Inside you could just melt? Like Your stomach was filled with butterflies? You try to speak but your tongue is tied? Have you ever felt like Your heart could grow wings and take flight? You don’t want to fall asleep at night, Because your dreams could never make you feel […]